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A local man who recently welcomed his new son into the world, his own flesh and blood, is today sitting on his couch with a confused look after his wife declined his request to go out with the boys for beers.

“What do you mean ‘no’? I spent all day with Tommy” pleaded Aaron von Harkle while attempting to pass his son over to his wife, Beth.

“So what?” Beth challenged.

“He’s your son, just because you looked after him for 6 hours doesn’t mean you’re now owed 6 hours of free time”

“If that’s how it works then I am owed like 1956 hours!”

After the initial intimidation of his wife’s impressive maths skills, the penny dropped for Aaron.

It’s believed you could see the cogs turning in his slightly balding head, his life had changed forever.

The kid was his.

He could not hand it back, he would just be handing it to himself.

“Oh” was all Aaron could say.

At this point Beth announced that she was going to have a bath and it would be in Aaron’s best interests if he fed Tommy with the pre-pumped breast milk she had left in the fridge.

“Oh, and while you’re at it, change his nappy.”

More to come.


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