A shocking display of disrespect to one of the town’s oldest and most respected figures took place in Betoota Ponds today.

Head of the Betoota chapter of the Queensland CWA Norma Binns was walking her prized showdog Diana the Third when she slid on a hot chip, fell over.

Witness accounts state that as residents aided Binns, a flock of disrespectful kookaburras watched from the gumtrees above and laughed at the critical injury the town’s scone baker-in-chief had sustained.

“They just looked on and laughed and laughed at Norma,” stated good samaritan Greg Hill.

“The triple zero guys could hardly hear what I was saying because of those feathery pricks who thought an old woman falling was funny as fuck.”

According to Hill, the bystanding kookaburras laughed so hard that it attracted more young elder-hating birds who swooped in not to lend a hand but to add to the inappropriate din of laughter.

“They were the same last week when I locked my bloody keys in the ute again! To laugh at an old woman getting injured like that, going on like some fucking galahs.”

“You think that’s funny? I’ll tell you what’s not funny, because I stepped in to help I now I have to take care of a show dog until Norma’s better and that thing eats better than me!”

When asked to make a comment on their disrespectful reaction, the gang of kookaburras (known about town as the Merry Merry Kings of the Bush) continued to laugh at our reporting team, with one even defecating on our reporter.

“King of the bush? Clowns of the bush, the lot of them!”


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