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A young woman from Betoota’s French Quarter, our little slice of Fitzroy in the Diamantina, has today confirmed that she is ‘literally’ moving to New Zealand.

Lara Leigh-Anderson (27) says the surprise decision comes after the ‘shocking’ news from the weekend, which saw the state of Queensland crush Labor’s hopes of claiming government.

“No literally, I’m actually done,” explained the community lawyer employed by a government-funded organisation.

“Legit, this country is full of dumb working class peasants who don’t understand what’s best for them,” she explained.

“Urgh, I can’t believe Queensland.”

Leigh-Anderson told The Advocate that she’s moving to a more progressive country that ‘actually has a conscience.’

“I’m moving to New Zealand,” explained the young woman who detests organised sport.

“I’m just hoping there is a cafe where I move that knows how to infuse turmeric into a latte properly.”

The tertiary educated, upper middle class raised French Quarter local says she’s just had it up to her with ‘stupid footy loving farmers.’

“I’m hoping New Zealand is going to be completely different,” she said.

Leigh-Anderson told us she wasn’t actually sure when she was moving, but like all other comments and commitments in her life she was definitely following through with it.


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