While the nation’s pubs and clubs prepare to shut down in the midst of the COVID-19 Crisis, Crown Casino is ploughing on full steam ahead.

Crown, as well as a couple of other major Casino’s including the Star and the Treasury, have somehow managed to snag an exemption from the gatherings ban.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison this morning announced a further ban on all non-essential indoor gatherings of over 100 people to add to the ban on outdoor gatherings of over 500.

Five hundred and sixty cases of coronavirus have now been confirmed across Australia with a rapid spike in NSW today.

However, despite the nation’s smaller businesses and their employees having to cop the tough measures, it’s believed the powerbrokers at the large Casino’s have managed to play their cards right.

“No way should we have to follow the same rules as the rest of the country,” laughed a high ranking member of the business today.

“And the people in charge understand that.”

“Don’t worry we’ll shuffle our machines around a bit so they are like 1.5 metres or whatever, if you know what I mean.”

“And if anyone in here has it, they can self isolate on the machines or the tables for 14 days.”

“The gambling industry shouldn’t stop because of a little bit of bat flu,” he laughed before telling us we had to leave unless we were going to spend some money.


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