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A Perth man has told The Advocate the stolen Hobart Test today because there’s no TV inside his traditional yurt.

“It’s not because I’m still a bit filthy at the east-centric Cricket Australia board taking the Test away from Perth because we take our biosecurity seriously,” said Cannington man Klaas Baardwijk.

“But yes, ever since the outside world was closed off to us, things have gotten harder. For example, before the border shut, my name was Chris Bardwick. But now, I’ve reverted to my West Australian name, Klaas Baardwjk. When my lease ended, we didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I had to construct a yurt to live in,”

“It’s not the stone age, I have power but I have to use a public restroom and take the bus to South Beach to have a wash in the beach showers,”

“To answer your question, though. No. It’s not because I disagree with Hobart hosting the Perth Test, it’s to do with me living in a yurt. Do you have any more questions?”

Our reporter indicated that they didn’t but the payphone Klaas was using cut out so that was that.

More to come.


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