The so-called United States of America has once again reminded the wolrd, that they are only the land of the free for certain sections of society.

This reminder comes in the form of a leaked Supreme Court opinion which reveals it is set to get rid of the precedent that guarantees abortion as a constitutional right.

The court is set to strike down a famous legal decision known as Roe v Wade, which would mean the constitutional right would be no more, and states would be in charge of telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies.

Roughly half states are apparently keen to ban abortion, in a touching display of protecting the sanctity of human life in country where 45,000 living breathing people a year get killed by freely available guns.

The Supreme Court’s action comes after half a century of legal challeneges to Roe v Wade, and comes as a blatant contradiction to the ‘my rights’ principle every single American who opposes abortion seems to trumpet.

However, as confirmed by the rich conservative judges who can pay for their daughters to fly interstate and get a medical procedure, the so called fundemental principles of freedom only apply when it suits people like them.

The decision has sparked outrage across the country, with millions of people furious that the nation is taking a backwards step and returning to a time when the mostly male dominated legal, political and medical professions felt like they should be able to control women’s bodies under the premise of protecting religious and family values.

That desire to protect human life in the form of an unborn fetus is not expected to be extended to the living and breathing children who get filled with bullets inside American schools because of their gun laws.

Of course, that obsession with the sancitity of human life also doesn’t apply to people in places like the Middle East, Central America or Africa who die at the hands of US foreign policy.

More to come.


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