An American citizen has this month revealed a sensational u-turn in regards to his position on personal freedom.

Area man from some middle American state, Aaron Williams has explained to The Advocate that he is now no longer as passionate about people’s rights as he was a year ago.

This follows the leaking of a Supreme Court opinion that reveals it is set to overturn the landmark legal decision of Roe v Wade, which made the right to abortion a constitutional right.

Speaking about the work of the devil that is a woman’s right to have control over her own body, Williams told us that abortion needs to be banned as a matter of haste.

“Protecting human life is paramount in this world,” explained the man who still refuses to believe the science behind the spicy cough and has supported multiple invasions of sovereign countries by the United States of America.

“Stopping women from having medical procedures that allow them to have control over their lives, is protecting freedom.”

“The freedom of living breathing beings,” continued Williams, maintaining his strong position of ignoring the work of left-wing scientists who make stuff up to fit some agenda the rest of us aren’t aware of.

These comments come barely 12 months after the big fella was out on the streets protesting the use of flu protectors and facial coverings to stop actual living and breathing human beings from dying.

However, the anti-abortion activist says that push for freedom of choice is a completely different scenario.

“That was about my body,” he laughed.

“Nobody should be able to tell good God and law-abiding American citizens like me what to do with their body”

“But vulnerable women is a completely different story.”

“People like me should be allowed to dictate what they can and can’t do with their bodies.”

“That’s the American dream.”

More to come.


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