The high net worth Sydney electorate of Wentworth has made its voice heard loud and clear this weekend.

After having its silver-tongued Member turfed as the Prime Minister, the constituents of the area decided to let the rest of the country know that they weren’t happy.

So, in an angry rage, the Bondi Bubble decided to show the Liberals that they wouldn’t settle for what they were being served up and voted in an upper-class white medical practitioner.

In a landmark move for an electorate that has always been as white collar as that of the strip along the top of a clerical robe, they finally decided to take the reins away from the Liberal Party of Australia for the very first time.

Rather than voting for a cut-out stood up by the Libs, the people of the various Bay’s and Bondi decided to vote in someone completely different yet equally representative, a white Doctor in the form of Independent Kerryn Phelps.

This came as results filtered in early last night, much to the disappointment of the chino-clad, Ralph Lauren wearing GPS schoolboys chanting ‘Sco-Mo’ in the Liberal Party function.

Local city worker and stock market enthusiast Brett Phillip-Wilson who worked on the Phelps campaign told us just why they finally decided to turf the Party that has always had their best interests at heart.

“Thinks needed to change radically,” Phillip-Wilson said.

“I mean not radically in the sense that we should vote for some working-class representative because obviously, we don’t have any working class constituents, apart from some of the British and Irish and backpackers, but they don’t really count,” he laughed.

“Anyway, Kerryn will still look after all of our interests, but allows us to show the party and the country that we don’t take lightly to being treated like fools.”


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