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Thousands of Victorian refugees have made the treacherous journey across the Murray River in recent weeks, only to be turned around by Border Police.

Some refugees have been taken to an offshore processing facility in South Australia, where their case for asylum will be heard by a panel of public servants who couldn’t cut it in the real world.

One of those refugees is Peter Santosh, who spoke to our reporter this morning from the Victorian border town of Echuca.

The 23-year-old single male from Brighton explained that he’s been living in what he describes as a ‘tent city’ with hundreds of other displaced Victorians who have been forced out of their homes by the oppressive Andrews regeime.

“I just want a fair go,” he said.

“I just want a bright future for my family. My people have been persecuted by the Labor Government for weeks now. We have lost our land and our culture is being crushed.”

Santosh is a Member of the Melbourne Cricket Club and spoke of his love of ‘The Demons’. Before making his way to ‘Chuke’, he tried to gain access to his family’s ski lodge at Falls Creek, only to be turned away by Premier Andrews’ stormtroopers.

“I don’t know where else to go,” he said.

“They took my brother. He had coronavirus. He went to a Sushi Train after they told him to stay inside because he was sick. I haven’t seen him since,”

“Please help me. Tell my story. I just want to right to live!”

More to come.


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