An office in Sydney’s CBD is this morning trying to avoid contact with one of the company’s favourite sons.

This comes after Bondi man Kensington Vaucluse (28) decided to roll into work with some questionable attire this morning.

The marketing and sales professional turned up to his inner-city office today, donning an item of clothing he picked up yesterday, and a fresh fragrance of ‘I’m better than you all.’

Rocking up with his City2Surf bib fasten to his dress shirt, young Kensington has made a point of trying to regale anyone he can with an in-depth recount of his Sunday.

“I’m so sore,” laugh Kensington this morning.

“Both bodily and mentally if ya know what I mean,” he continued, making a drinking motion while winking at one of the old boys in the office.

“Pretty handy time too,” he laughed as a permanent resident of his desk on the 4th floor rolled her eyes at the 8th mention of his achievements yesterday.

It’s believed the young go-getter has been keen to alert every single person in his entire office building about his taking part in the famous Sydney road race.

His efforts come after 74 different mentions of the event prior to Sunday, 2 separate social media posts as well as 14 Instagram stories.

“Went out for a couple of the night before and was really feeling it on Heartbreak Hill,” he finished his latest tangent, with people noticeably getting up and walking away from him.

More to come.


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