The world of tennis has been rattled today by the news that Serena Williams will be casing the racquet.

The greatest to ever play the game has revealed that the countdown to retirement is on, with speculation that she will be retiring after this year’s US Open.

The 23-time singles Grand Slam winner said today that; “Maybe the best word to describe what I’m up to is evolution. I’m here to tell you that I’m evolving away from tennis, toward other things that are important to me.”

That revelation will bring to an end a 26-year professional tennis career, which saw Williams become one of the most successful sporting figures in history.

Winning everything there was to win, it’s believed Williams has also amassed nearly half a decade of long service leave after a career that can rival Bradley Hogg in terms of longevity.

While her incredible record on the scorecard will leave legacy enough, it’s believed the world of tennis is now concerned about the future of fashion in the game.

Traditionally a pretty boring sport, tennis has enjoyed a couple of decades of some half-decent fashion, after Serena rose to the top of the game.

Famous as a sport for slapping logos on plain t-shirts, Serena managed to achieve dizzying heights in terms of fashion, rolling out catsuits, tutus, dresses, and denim.

“She’s an icon, plain and simple,” said local tennis fan Casey Barty today.

“Who else could were a denim skirt at the US Open?”

“She rocked various catsuits, tutus, dresses and two pieces, and owned it every time.”

“There should be grave concerns for the future of fashion in the game of tennis because the greatest to ever do it on and off the court is gonna be packing her racquet away in the near future.”

More to come.


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