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According to a report released by the Australia Institute, over 76% of Australians believe this is a link between climate change and bushfires.

The Prime Minister has dismissed the report, telling journalists this morning in Sydney that they probably all voted Green.

In addition to that, Scott Morrison explained that close to 76% of Australians live in the inner city, far away from the realities of lower-middle and working-class life.

“That’s not a coincidence,” said Mr Morrison.

“The Australia Institute is entitled to publish what they deem fit. Some call it groundbreaking research, others call it fake news designed to cause needless anxiety among the population,”

“That 76 % of Australians who think bushfires are made worse by climate change are probably Greens voters. Look, I’m talking from the heart here when I say jobs are more important than keeping our carbon emissions lower. You can’t feed a family with the good vibes we’d get from meeting the Paris Agreement on time. You just can’t,”

“So when that 76% of people are ready to grow up and head out into the real world, we can get on with keeping the promise of Australia, while I burn for you.”

Mr Morrison then asked himself a question then walked off stage.

More to come.


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