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The lukewarm success that is SAS Australia is coming to an end tonight as the final celebrities left learn if they’re tough enough to join the nation’s peak group of soldiers.

However, one family favourite will not be joining them tonight after last night refusing to complete the show’s penultimate challenge.

“I am not going to be on tonight’s episode because I refused to kill an Afghan farmer,” said Watts via social media this morning.

“Doing that just wouldn’t sit well with me.”

Watts also revealed that not every ‘active recruit’ left on the show was asked to do what he was asked to do, with producers revealing they wanted to portray Watts as one of the ‘bad eggs’ that destroyed the culture and the reputation of the Special Air Service Regiment by committing war crimes against the people of Afghanistan during the war.

“I’m not a villan. I ride a motorbike, sure, but I’m not a war criminal. If he had a gun or something and he was trying to kill me, yeah. Fine. I could fucking do it. But to just grease some bloke in a paddock for no reason? No thanks.”

The Advocate reached out to the producers of Kerry Stokes’ war porn hour for comment but have yet to recieve a reply.

More to come.


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