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In some breaking news this morning, the reality TV giant MasterChef has announced it’s ditching its long-running principal sponsor – Coles.

The Betoota Advocate can exclusively reveal that MasterChef has ditched its major sponsor after reports emerged that Woolworths has underpaid it’s workers a few hundred million dollars.

Woolworths announced this morning it has underpaid nearly 6000 employees over the last nine years and will repay up to $300 million.

The supermarket giant says the major irregularity was uncovered during a review triggered this year by the implementation of a new enterprise agreement with employees at all supermarkets and the smaller Metro stores.

Sticking with the long-running theme of having wage thieves as the face of their show, MasterChef said they are very excited at what the future holds.

“Sorry Curtis (Stone), but we can’t miss the opportunity to land Woolies after this massive PR stunt,” said an Executive Producer for the show.

“Obviously we were very sad to see George go, but landing this corporate giant is incredible.”

“Their track record of ripping off farmers is something that is a major bonus for us!”

“This next season looks set to be our biggest ever.”


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