The Liberal Party has today hit out at the ‘very noisy’ old fire chiefs causing a bit of a song and dance about the bushfires currently ravaging the country.

This follows the group of former emergency services chiefs announcing that they will go it alone and convene an ‘Emergency Summit’ themselves if the Liberal-National Coalition continue to do next to nothing.

That call for action comes as Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing continues his trip around the island of Hawaii in a leased convertible with his family.

Speaking in place of the man who is living it up on the holiday island, fill in PM Michael McCormack has confirmed that he’d like the old firies to just pipe down a bit.

“Why can’t they be like the quiet Australians and just let us run the show,” said McCormack.

“These fires will eventually go out when they run out of things to burn, so everyone just needs to cool off a little.”

“We have fires every year, and these old blokes who have been in charge of the fire service should remember that instead of trying to push some left-wing agenda like the raving inner-city lefties they are.”

“Let’s let us get on with business, like working on this religious discrimination bill.”


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