The nation’s Federal Opposition Leader has today rolled up his sleeves and set about trying to drag the Liberal Party into the future.

Peter Dutton has done so by deciding to attend the funeral of former Cardinal George Pell at St Mary’s Cathedral today.

The brave decision, which has been applauded by people who don’t traditionally support the Liberal party, sees him join fellow trendy young progressives like Tony Abbott and John Howard in the Cathedral.

This comes less than a year after the Liberal Party were wiped out at the last Federal Election, with members of their traditional base deserting them to vote for more socially progressive Teals.

The Liberal party’s treatment of survivors of abuse and women more generally resulted in voters sacrificing their own personal finances and leaving the party in droves.

However, it looks like the party might be stemming the bleeding this week, with their leader mourning a man who spearheaded an organisation that was at the centre of a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.

The brave decision to front up and walk into the Cathedral that’s been cutting off ribbons for survivors of child sexual abuse, has reportedly moved the needle in traditional Liberal heartland, with even a few blue haired lefties on Twitter getting behind Dutton.

It’s unknown what genius political plays might be in the works for Dutton next, but it’s believed attending a meeting about the Voice referendum virtually because he’s at Pell’s funeral today are set to solidify some of the ground he’s been making.

More to come.


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