The federal government’s decision to deport world tennis number 1 Novak Djokovic from Australia has been adjourned until Monday, as more details come to light surrounding his visa issues.

This comes as Scotty From Marketing has managed to tilt the spotlight away from his disastrous handling of the rapid antigen test shortage this week, after leading the tall poppy media pile-on of world tennis champ Novak Djokovic – who has been denied entry into Australia over visa issues related to his medical exemptions.

The 34-year-old Serbian has previously caught the virus twice, which may have prevented him from receiving both jabs and a booster in time for the Australian Open.

However, the fact that he has been hesitant in publicising his vax status has resulted in him being painted as anti-vaxxer villian – one that that a struggling Australian Prime Minister might take the opportunity to vilify in an effort to disrupt the entire media cycle’s focus on his horrible handling of the Omicron outbreak.

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday to defend his Australian Open crown, having been granted two seperate medical exemptions by Australian Open organisers and the Victorian government.

However, he was held by the Australian Border Force shortly after for failing to meet the entry requirements of the Federal Government, who all of a sudden seem concerned about doing something about this virus.

Both Djokovic’s family, the Serbian government, and anyone else who has been following the drama closely are now bringing into question whether the Australian government would have found issues with the World Number 1s documents if the Prime Minister wasn’t desperately looking for something to distract the nation from the fact that he did not order enough RATs.

However, on top of Scotty’s new announcement to provide a highly complicated plan to give pensioners 1 free Rapid Antigen Test a week, the government’s assassination of Djokovic’s character appears to have created much more clickable headlines for the bootlicking Australian media.

“RULES ARE RULES!!!” tweeted the newly authoritarian Prime Minister, who signed off on Hillsong founder Brian Houston to flee the country to visit Mexico just weeks before charges of concealing child sex crimes in the middle of the Delta outbreak last year.

“Especially when it comes to our borders. No one is above these rules!”

“Except for Kerry Stokes, Nicole Kidman, Mark Whahlberg, Matt Damon and Guns N Roses”

“But these cocky wog tennis players are not!”

Djokovic is currently being detained in Melbourne’s Park Street Detention Centre, where he joins a number of other unprocessed overseas arrivals – some who have been there for up to 9 news.


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