Australia’s first dance in the 2018 FIFA World Cup has seen us controversially go down to a country that probably has equivalent to our entire populations as registered soccer players.

The Socceroos had an almighty crack against the renowned soccer nation France last night, but ultimately fell short at the death in a 2-1 defeat at hands, and boots, of one of the tournaments favourites.

France’s opening goal in the second half has since generated enormous controversy among Australian viewers, with Josh Risdon sliding in on Antoine Griezmann to dispossess the star forward in the box.

However, diving and filthy European sportsmanship aside, the score at the end of the day indicated that a country of 68 million is now better than Australia’s 24 million, at our fourth of fifth most popular sport.

Even with the loss, the Socceroos have won the hearts and minds of Australia, who have essentially forgotten what it feels like to dominate on an international stage at any sport, except cricket, when we aren’t cheating.

While the A-league limps on in the peripheral of most Australians, only making headlines when someone does something wild like lighting a flare and throwing it at a bunch of cops, the highest level of soccer in Australia is growing a fanbase each match, and so is Caltex – it seems the Socceroos may be the premier non-domestic sporting team to take Australia into the future.


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