As the winter codes begin to get weighed down by mid-season suspensions, one local dad has offered a small bit of insight into why it’s pretty important to hold players to account for on-field violence.

Glenn Cox (59) who reckons he could have probably played professionally if he took his footy a bit more seriously, says while he doesn’t mind a bit of argy bargy – he’s also glad his kids and grandkids don’t have to see what he saw.

“I won’t go into it” he says.

“But some of the stuff these blokes are getting carded for nowadays… Wouldn’t have even got a look in when I was playing” says Glenn.

Even after being pressed by his adult children to please share some gore from his younger days as a member of the seminal Dolphins Centre For Excellence, Glenn refuses to glorify the many on-field ambulances he was once privy to on Betoota Oval #1.

“Seriously. I’m not going into. It will make you fucken sick” he says, showing signs of light PTSD.

“That’s in the past.”

“I will say one thing though… If you think Barry Hall and Paul Gallen are the gold standard of throwing them…”

“You shoulda seen your uncle Nath”

“He was an absolute pig of a man”


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