The new and improved ICC World Cup is still going ahead, that’s according to the English and South African players currently warming up in London.

Despite not getting even a slight look-in during Australia’s last few months of Folau, Election, AFL and Origin-heavy news cycle, representatives from the ICC say that the World Cup is well and truly going ahead.

“I swear it’s still on” said Manu Sawhney, International Cricket Council CEO.

“Australia is in it too”

This has since been clarified by Australian coach Justin Langer.

Langer has told the Betoota Advocate kicks off its campaign against Afghanistan in Bristol on June 1st, where David Warner will make his return to the pitch in the first ever ’round robin’ exhibition, which has the ditched previous mode of dividing countries into pools.

“It’s on, like, maybe FOX Sports?” said Langer.

“Or Seven? [hahaha]”

In this year’s comp, teams will receive two points for a win and one point for a tie, or no result (which does happen apparently).

In what seems like brilliant brainstorming by event organisers, if teams need to be split because they’re equal on points, it will be decided first by who has the most wins, then net run rate, then head-to-head-results.

However, Manu Sawhney says that the biggest challenge at this point is reaching audiences in the 9 countries that aren’t India.

“Seriously. I can’t reiterate how much this world cup is still happening” he said.

“Tune in. Should be good”


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