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When David Waller had first started his role as a web developer for BBD Media, he’d found himself being one of three blokes in a team of roughly fourteen women – which tends to be the case in anything to do with media, marketing or communications.

As someone who’d previously worked in a male centric workplace at a betting company, David found himself feeling the odd one out for the first time in his life – not to mention touching on conversation topics he’s never had at work before.

Having been used to chatting about sport, and only sport, David was surprised to discover the women at BBD were more than happy to have extremely unfiltered conversations about dating, relationships and sex, and dive deep into their personal lives for everyone else to dissect.

Though he’d been standoffish at first, David now finds himself quickly swivelling his chair around at the slightest hint of gossip, happily offering the girls a glimpse into the male mind and workshopping all their boy problems.

More to come.


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