A bloke who has pre-ordered the new Ford F-150 has outlined his hopes for the election this morning, in an exclusive tell-all interview from the comfort of his seven-seater couch with cup holders.

A proud owner of three cars, a boat and two jetskis, Jordan Brock-Trindall, a North Brisbane FIFO worker spoke to the Advocate about who he’ll be voting for.

After spending the last few weeks with little interest in the election campaign, spare the offering of two cents into Facebook comment threads regarding the issue of transgender women in sports, Jordan has admitted there’s more pressing issues that will sway his vote.

“Yeah mate, I haven’t decided who I’m voting for, but on the day it’ll come down to whoever is thinking about us Aussie battlers!”

“So far the Libs look like they’ve fucked up all that Chinese shit going on in the Solomon Islands, so that’s not a great sign.”

“And on the other side Labour keep talking about green energy which gets me a little nervous.”

“What do they want us to do, chuck a wind turbine in everyone’s backyard?”

Asked what other issues were top of mind for this year’s election, Jordan told our reporter he’d be keen to see a few more tax breaks, especially for those who he deems “work hard for a living”.

“Mate I do a two week swing in Central Queensland and half my wage vanishes in tax by the time I touch back down in Brisbane.”

“It’s been a hard few years with the pandemic and that, I just wanna see more money in my pocket and less going to all them dole bludgers who sit on their ass all day.”

“Anyway, what do you reckon of my new home cinema, how good is the new surround sound system aye?!”


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