As Melbourne descends into the chaos of confused and propaganda-fuelled protests, everyone but the Murdoch media machine is reminiscing about the time ASIO boss Mike Burgess warned the Minister of Home Affairs that right-wing extremists are becoming one of our biggest national security threats.

Yesterday, violence erupted outside of the CFMEU offices as construction union heavyweights punched on with disenfranchised and angry tradies who were being spurred on by deranged neo-nazi conspiracists chirping from the back of the angry mob in brand new high-vis.

While the political elites are taking great pleasure in the opportunity to vilify distressed blue collar workers, very few people are asking how the fuck we got to the point where such a large mob of construction workers could be talked into destroying the office building of the trade union responsible for making sure the entire industry was able to keep working for the vast majority of this pandemic.

The dangerous civil unrest currently taking place in Melbourne is unfolding almost play-for-play as Australian intelligence officers predicted it would in February last year.

While delivering the country’s annual threat assessment, Burgess revealed that Neo-Nazis were emerging as one of the most challenging security threats for the national intelligence organisation.

“In Australia, the extreme right-wing threat is real and it is growing,” he said. “In suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology.”

Burgess also said right-wing extremism would “remain an enduring threat, making more use of online propaganda to spread their messages of hate”.

“While we would expect any right-wing-extremist-inspired attack in Australia to be low capability [death toll] — more sophisticated attacks are possible,” he said.

Right now, Australia is witnessing what can only be described as a ‘sophisticated attack’ – as far-right extremists behind the ongoing ‘Freedom for Workers’ rallies brag online about how they are using social media to indoctrinate working class ‘normies’ and pit them into violently attacking their own trade unions and the police.

When warned about this growing threat in February last year, Peter Dutton’s only action was to question the advice handed to him by ASIO – before insisting that the scary Muslim were still public enemy number one in his eyes.


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