The Australian Prime Minister known as Scotty From Marketing is now facing the gruelling predicament of having his entire political career placed under the media microscope, after claiming he doesn’t believe he has told a lie in public life during an interview with 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell last Friday.

This comes after accusations of dishonesty were levelled against him by former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and French President Emannuel Macron during the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow last month.

Mr Turnbull told Australian reporters on the sidelines in Scotland that he had no doubt the French President had been deceived over the scrapping of a $90bn submarine deal, which was ditched in Morrison’s effort to get photographed next to the US President with NEW submarine deal that is aimed to make him look like an action hero.

He claimed he had experienced similar from Mr Morrison during his time in the top job and the now Prime Minister had a “reputation for telling lies”.

Mr Macron also levelled similar allegations against the Prime Minister, telling Australian reporters he knew Mr Morrison lied to him over the decision to scrap the French deal in favour of securing nuclear technology from the US and UK.

The PM now grapples with the embarrassing new nickname ‘The Liar From The Shire’ – which is far worse than ‘Scotty From Marketing’ – which was a moniker who already hated.

According to the Prime Minister’s own wikipedia page, Scotty from Marketing became a common nickname due to Scott Morrison’s perceived poor response to the 2019 Australian bushfires. It originated in an article on The Betoota Advocate during his widely criticised Hawaiian holiday at the height of the nation’s record-breaking climate-change-aided disaster. The name is still used frequently, and refers to Morrison’s previous role as Managing Director of Tourism Australia from 2004 to 2006 – and the marketing skillset he has implemented into his role as the Prime Minister.

However, as more and more examples of him blatantly lying to the Australian public come to light, Scotty is now in damage control that the stigma of being ‘THE LIAR FROM THE SHIRE’ will damage the ‘everyday bloke’ image he works tirelessly to portray.

To counter this reputational damage, Scotty has today called a press conference aimed at settling on a nickname.

“If I had to choose I would go with Scotty From Marketing” the Prime Minister told the media.

“I hate that nickname because it makes me look like a fuckwit that tries to distract Australians from my fuck ups by getting photographed with athletes and much more important leaders from powerful English-speaking nations”

“But yes, I would prefer that nickname over the nickname that makes me look like a fuckwit that tries to hide my fuck ups by lying through my bleached Hillsong teeth”


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