The CSIRO’s inaugural GUTARAP report, prepared collaboratively with  a range of industry stakeholders, updates estimates of the lad rap scene and consumer polling has found that Campbelltown rapper EMCEE Kerser to be the sickest.

CSIRO Chief Sickness Economist and report lead author Matty Strut said GUTARAP 2019 was an essential annual benchmark to guide strategic decision making, given tours and CDs costs change significantly each year.

“This is based on a lot more than YouTube views” Mr Strut said.

“Ticket sales, Nautica sales, Nike TN sales…. as well as resales”

“Some of these statistics are hard to find. Particularly the rates of stolen TNs”

However, the Professor says he has reason to believe all of these can be directly attributed to MC Kerser.

“Our data confirms that while pre-online rappers are competitive due to their heritage and rusted on audience, Kerser is currently the sickest, compared to any others”

“At a global level, these numbers stack up as well. Including when we add the fact that Kerser has never toured internationally.

Research in 2020 will identify in more detail the variables in sickness as Australian hip hop begins to accrue international attention, but researchers say anyone who actively seeks to be played on commercial radio and hang out with Richard Wilkins at the ARIAs will not be considered”


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