With Korean pop now the most popular form of music infiltrating the ears and minds of the Australian youth, local sportswear retailer Kimbo (33) is growing concerned about the influence of Asian culture on his children.

Also known as ‘K-pop’ the genre of music has origins in South Korea, and plays a major part in South Korean culture.

With their impressively choreographed dance moves and sparkly outfits, it is no surprise that YouTube algorithms have found their way into recruiting Australian kids to the K-Pop fanbase.

Korean television drama, also known as K-Drama, is also just as popular with the kids – as evident with the new Netflix Australian #1 tv show Squid Game.

However, Kimbo from Betoota Heights has decided he’s putting a stop to this.

“Why can’t these kids listen to good Aussie bands like Birds Of Tokyo or Bliss n Eso” he says.

As an average middle class Australian male who is easily spooked by the Murdoch newspapers, Kimbo maintains a steadily unhealthy skepticism of multiculturalism.

Kimbo worries that his two daughters are far too influenced by Asian pop culture, and pretty soon they’ll be speaking another language that might greatly benefit them professionally in the next couple decades.

“What ever happened to the Simpsons of Seinfeld?” he says.

“Every time I come home it’s just this forieng stuff blaring on the television”

“BTS this or Blackpink that?? It’s like I’ve got Koreans yelling at me in my own damn living room”

That’s why, from today, K-Pop is banned in Kimbo’s household.

This staunch opposition to his daughters engaging in contemporary youth culture appears to completely contrast his own interest.

Namely, the fact that he eats lunch at a Vietnamese bakery of Thai take-away 3 to 4 times a week, and could probably name every single fire and water Pokémon on demand with a gun pointed to his temple.

“Nah Pokemon was different though” he says.

“Yeah it was Japanese…. But, like, they were made-up characters in a different land”

“Completely different to this foreign shit”


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