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Love him or hate him, Chad Kroeger is one of the most talented musicians of our time.

His capabilities as a guitarist, vocalist and all round entertainer have been praised by the highest orders of rock music royalty.

“Kroeger and Nickelback were exactly what Rock ‘n’ Roll needed after the death of grunge.” – Sting, 2010

“Every time I turn on the radio, I am amazed by the lack of effort put forward by the current rock music scene. Unless Nickelback is playing,” – Nick Cave, 2007

“Chad Kroeger is the last true creative enigma. He was born 40 years too late… and he knows it.” – Paul Mcartney, 2015

However, despite his well-known and well-recognised discography, there is one thing that is seldom acknowledged by musicians and rock enthusiasts alike.

That is, Chad Kroeger is worth just over $60 million dollars. And rightly so.

While often criticised for his daring approach to contemporary rock, Nickelback’s record sales and ticket sales do not lie. It goes without saying that these successes can be directly attributed to the genius of Mr Kroeger.

So whether you are one of the fans lining up for days for concert tickets, or one of the fans that threw golf-ball sized rocks at him while he was performing a live set in Portugal – we have decided to compile the top six photographs of Chad Kroeger to remind you why he is worth more than Australia’s entire auto industry.

1. Hard Work


It’s no lie that Nickelback had to fight for their place at the top. Their debut album was met with mixed reveiws. But still, using the original rock formula of 2 x guitars, 1 x bass and the drums… They have forged their way into the hearts nearly two billion of fans right around the world.

2. Electric Stage Presence


Chad Kroeger’s stage presence has been likened to ‘The King’ – Elvis Presley.

A gravel-ish crooner, the front man of Nickelback is a self-confessed “perfectionist” and “workaholic” who is constantly thinking about what comes next for his loyal fans.

3. Die Hard Fans


Despite nearly two decades of intense touring and non-stop songwriting, Chad Kroeger has always been received by both the media and the public.

Often referred to as “the Gentleman of Rock” – He always takes the time to meet his fans and sign their merchandise, which accounts for nearly 20% of his entire $60 million dollar wealth

4. Appropriateness


Despite a troublesome upbringing in the middle-class suburbs of Ontario, Chad Kroeger has never allowed for his band to be compromised by his undeniable streak of “bad boy”.

His resentment of authority is justly articulated through his lyrics. As Kroeger describes it: “I’ve gotta be two people at the same time. The role model and the bad ass. I never mix the two.”

5. Pure Sex Appeal


While Chad Kroeger’s reputation as a womaniser is well-known in many Hollywood circles, he maintains that the rumours are “relatively unfounded”.

An on-again, off-again marriage to fellow Canadian rock superstar, Avril Lavigne, would attest to this.

“Yeah, I have met a few woman along the road. But it’s not about that for me,”

FUN FACT: When together, Chavril’s net worth is $110 million. This means he is worth $10 million more than her.

6. Raw Talent

nickelback 3

Everything aside.

The bottom line is that Chad Kroeger and his loyal crew of rock misfits are an undeniable force in rock music. One that is constantly and consistently creating relevant and commendable music.

He is worth every penny.


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