A local 30-something has today re-emerged from an extended social media sabbatical with a completely new way to sound smart while also avoiding any hard yakka.

Ever since abruptly ending his 5-year-stint in advertising to travel South America in 2015, Betoota Grove’s Travis Geist has refused to work a 9-5 job.

This wasn’t hard over the last couple years of lockdowns, as Travis dipped his toe in an array online businesses while the whole world stood still.

But in 2023, with a hiccuping economy and a spike in interest rates – it’s not a very good look to still be that committed to the Gary Vee #Hustle and #Grind culture.

However, even with his parents and on-again-off-again girlfriend begging him to just please go back to being an account director for a major outdoor marketing company – Trav is holding on strong.

Because none of these luddites understand. Half the industries his mates and family work in just simply won’t exist in 18 months. Artificial intelligence is taking over.

Trav is just one of thousands of upper-middle-class Elon Musk worshippers who are now turning their attention to A.I following consecutive cryptocurrency crashes.

And with crypto and NFTs now a very uncool trend to nail your flag to, it seems decentralised currencies aren’t as revolutionary as those coked up white boys kept telling us in 2017.

The real disrupter is A.I – this is gonna be so big man.

The skinny jeans have been replaced by pastel chinos, and the cocaine has been replaced by mushie caps.

Everything we know will never be the same. And Travis will never have to wear a lanyard on his hip with a key swipe that unlocks the front door to an office building ever again.

We’ll be using A.I to buy concert tickets in 18 months.

The banks are going to hate this. The government will push back, but only because they don’t understand it.

The only people who understand the potential of this technology are 33-year-old blokes who love Tom Hardy.


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