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Two of the nation’s ‘hardest-done-by’ backbenchers have shared a candid phone call this morning where they both agreed that Phase 1 of Operation Bin Turnbull was complete.

Moments after getting his breath back from cycling up Parliment Hill this morning, Tony Abbott phoned Barnaby Joyce, who was also just getting his breath back after finishing his 8 o’clock filterless White Ox.

“Did you see those numbers?” asked Tony.

“Yeah. I reckon Phase 1 is complete. Peter has just said he’s going to resign.”

The Advocate discovered this information shortly after working out that the Member for New England’s voicemail password is consecutive 1’s and Mr Abbott’s is his favourite Pslam.

“What are you doing for lunch?” said Tony.

“They’re doing corned beef and potato salad at the Trough so I’m probably going to head down there. Mark Vaile is in town and we all know how much he loves potato salad,” replied Joyce.

Our reporters have reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

In addition to that, The Advocate also made contact with the Member for Dickson’s office and received a thinly-veiled death threat in reply.

More to come.


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