NBA superstar and current GOAT of the game, LeBron James has today revealed to The Advocate the story behind the ‘celebration goggles.’

“Players here first started using em because of that Great Northern spray,” he laughed over a FaceTime with Sports Editor Imran Gashkori.

The celebration goggles were introduced to Australian’s who aren’t interested in American sports overnight by the Melbourne Storm, who donned them for their post-match piss-up.

All the players were seen in the goggles, as they looked set to give it an almighty nudge.

Many were left as confused as Stirlo and Gus as to what was going on with the goggles, however, in an exclusive interview with The Advocate LeBron has revealed the original story behind the party attire.

“Yeah, Ray Allen started it over here, cause we used to drink that mid-strength Queensland beer after a win, and it really stings when it gets in your eyes,” James said.

“You wouldn’t think that, because it’s pretty much just water, but there’s something in it that’s not good for your corneas apparently, so we started using the goggles.”

“And when Cam and I were trading tips on how to stay on top of your game as you age, I suggest he get some for the after party because you Queenslanders love sinking mid-strength piss after a game.”

“And that’s pretty much it to be honest.”

“It also looks pretty sick too I reckon”

Cameron Smith and every other Melbourne Storm player were unavailable for comment.

Brandon Smith was, but we can’t print what he said.

No more to come.


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