Unlike most kids his age, drama kid Charlie Mills loves nothing more than getting up in front of the class.

In fact, he’s often the first one to put his hand up when it comes to showing presentations, which his classmates don’t mind given he usually goes full ham.

However, today’s presentation probably could have gone without Charlie’s usual enthusiasm and need for pizazz, as it’s centred on a rather sensitive subject – the Holocaust.

It’s alleged Charlie had created a fifteen point PowerPoint presentation illustrating the rise and fall of Nazi Germany, complete with a harrowing black and white image of shoes as the title image.

His teacher Mrs Fletcher reports that although Charlie had good intentions, his penchant for being a little bit extra probably should’ve been curbed, but she ‘really couldn’t expect a twelve-year-old to have that much self awareness anyway,’

“I mean, it was incredibly well researched and he presented the information very effectively”, reveals Mrs Fletcher.

“But I think he could have gone without the exciting PowerPoint transitions.”

To make matters worse, Mrs Fletcher adds that the principal had decided to sit at the back of the classroom that day, and had spent the majority of the presentation noticeably grimacing in horror.

“I thought the vortex and ripple effects were bad enough but it got progressively worse.”

“You try gently explaining that to a twelve-year old.”

She sighed and walked off.

More to come.


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