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Chaotic scenes unfolded on the Betoota Esplanade this afternoon after Eva Yilman (25) sounded her war-horn, disrupting everyone in the popular beachside restaurant that she and her girls were lunching at.

“You guys, I need help!”

“What photo’s do I put on my Bumble profile?”

After a quick and precise study of Eva’s temporary profile, the girls began firing off suggestions of how to make Eva’s profile unswipable.

“Oh, babe, what’s the go with this outdoorsy image?” questioned Jenny.

“You don’t look that hot in it and it’s not even a fun scenario, I would lose immediately” she continued, before losing herself in an Instagram stalk of Eva, fervently trying to find a replacement image.

“Babe, this one” added another friend, Sarah, who’d already scoured Eva’s Instagram feed.

Sarah’s comment was met with a chorus of agreeance from the other girls.

It’s believed the intensity and hysteria of the scenario was exacerbated by the multiple Aperol Spritz and bottles of rose that the girls had consumed over their already 2-hour long lunch.

With only one, maybe two, of Eva’s profile photos selected, it’s not yet known how much longer it will be until Eva’s profile is live.

More to come.


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