Despite a schedule full of watching Fox News and tweeting (almost definitely from the toilet) US President Donald Trump managed to find time to meet with Australia’s Prime Minister who according to him is a guy called Malcolm.

In his search to meet someone who represents the average Australian, Prime Minister Scott Morrison organised to meet with the billionaire US President at the G20 summit and stated the meeting went well despite the fact Trump referred to him as ‘Trunbull’ at various points of the conversation.

“I think it’s the start to a great relationship,” stated Mr Morrison as if he is ever going to see him again.

“By the way, if anyone asks I have a mansion in Point Piper and my wife’s name is Lucy. Please do this for me.”

According to the US President, his meeting with ‘President Trunchbull’ went very well and he is considering making Australia one of his closest allies if Putin says that’s ok.

“Very good President of Australia, they call him Crocadoo Jack, King of the Outback,” stated Mr Trump.

“The Australian’s love him and is doing tremendously well. A lot of people don’t know where Australia is, I know where it is, President Trundle from Australia knows where it is, the thing is, you’ve got to know where your own country is and President Malcolm Morris Trundler will be Australia’s leader for many years to come.”


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