With the nation’s Golden west joining Queensland in dragging the chain when it comes to getting jabbed up, a Perth man has revealed why he’s holding out. 

Proud Sangroper Wayne Roo explained that he’s not going to go and be a guinea pig in some global experiment – despite the 3.3 billion people fully jabbed up. 

“Sorry I’m not at the front of the queue to go and get something that’s been rolled out at a breakneck pace,” laughed the Northbridge graphic designer whose life hasn’t been affected enough for him to worry about getting jabbed up until now. 

“I’m not going near it until there’s more information,” explained Roo, who has spent the last 12 months dismissing any research presented to him.

Roo said that aside from being financially well off enough to make this an identity-defining issue, he’s concerned about the side effects of a jab to stop him from getting a virus that’s killed over 5 million people. 

“I just don’t trust what medical authorities are saying,” continued the man who seems to trust what people post on social media in the form of scattered status and grainy memes. 

“When there’s more TRANSPARENT research out there, I might consider doing my bit to help the West get on with life.”

But until then, the University of Facebook graduate is refusing to just bite the bullet. 

“Everyone’s told me they won’t give me any grief if I just drop the act and get on with it, but I’m holding firm in the beliefs I discovered 12 months ago and I’m committing to it.” 

“Just do your own research ok,” finished the aspiring Carlton key defender whose idea of research is scrolling the feed during his time on the toilet.


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