After finally calming down from a big week preparing herself to climb Uluru, before getting too scared to continue climbing Uluru, Pauline Hanson has today tuned into the wireless to hear about what else is going on in the world.

It didn’t take long before the One Nation leader was once again seething at the state of this once-great country.

“What have we come to?!” she says, in that squeaky-almost-crying-voice she’s now famous for.

“A hardworking man and his wife… Have risked everything to make their way to this country to avoid persecution and torture”

“To then have two beautiful little girls, both born in Australia, and take a good honest job at the abattoir…”

“Only to be detained because Peter Dutton doesn’t want to look soft on asylum seekers.”

“These people aren’t forming ghettos! These people are English-speaking migrants getting in there and having a dig! These are the people we want here”

Pauline Hanson says as someone who works hard to represent regional Australia, she is absolutely ropeable that a hardworking family, attempting to make the best of an ordinary situation and helping to stimulate our rural economies, is facing deportation at the hands of the Coalition Government.

“Imagine if they were rich Chinese high-rollers” she says.

“Or French Au pairs”

“Listen to his name. Billy Wheeler. He’s as Aussie as they come!”

Ms Hanson was then pulled aside by her cheif of staff James Ashby, who informed her that the family were actually Sri Lankan Tamils, and that she’s being confused by the name of the bush town that is fighting for them to stay.

She has since remained silent on the issue, knowing that her voter base just assumes these people are Muslims, and therefore terrorist dole bludgers.


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