A Betoota Heights woman has laughed off suggestions today that she might be getting a little too excited. 

With the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales in full swing, Natalie Vo says her boyfriend has raised his eyebrows at her plundering of online retailers. 

“It’s literally stupid not to cash in right now,” she laughed to her boyfriend Tom.

“Besides, it’s coming out in little interest free bits over the next little while,” laughed the pro-bono Afterpay ambassador.  

For those not versed in the craft of online deal scalping, Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving in the US, and has rapidly spread into a global sales event – with Cyber Monday tacking onto the selling frenzy. 

For many, it comes as an opportunity to freshen up the wardrobe, spruce up the house and treat themselves to items they’ve been eyeing off for a little. 

“To paraphrase the great Kimberly Dianne Craig, I’m actually going to spend so much I save,” said Natalie. 

“Nah seriously though, you’ve gotta make the most of these deals otherwise you just pay full whack down the track.”

“Chess not checkers.”

Pausing to point out another deal that popped up on her screen, Natalie then asked her boyfriend’s thoughts for the 27th time today. 

“Look at how cheap this activewear is? C’mon, it’s criminal to let that pass me by,” she laughed. 

The pair then continued to discuss items, before her boyfriend went off down his own little rabbithole


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