As the fall out from the decision by the High Court to throw out the decision of the jury in the Pell case continues today, the nation has this afternoon urged George Pell to take some ‘essential travel.’

With the former Cardinal walking free from Barwon prison this morning after having his conviction quashed by some rich old white judges, he has since been urged to go and catch up with his mates in the Vatican.

“Yeah, he should get on the first plane back to Italy and go and catch up with the other heads of the paedophile harbouring criminal organisation that is the Catholic Church,” explained one spokesperson for the nation via Zoom today.

“Italy’s really nice around this time of year.”

“Would obviously be a shame if he caught the coronavirus while he was in one of the worst-hit areas on the planet.”

“Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.”

It’s not yet known whether Pell will listen to the pleas of the nation, but given his history of ignoring the nation’s best interests and allowing for the harbouring of paedophiles in the Catholic Church, there isn’t a huge amount of hope he will do the right thing.

“Maybe we can sort him out with an all-expenses-paid trip on the Ruby Princess as an apology for him having to be treated like a normal person,” said the spokesperson for the nation.

“When he’s finished catching up with Miranda, Tony, Andrew and John of course.”


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