The Chinese Government has today received some support from a very unexpected voter block.

With Scott Morrison doing everything he can to drum up a diplomatic stoush to prove that his government didn’t completely butcher trade relations with our biggest trading partner and the most powerful country in our region, China is facing a very small amount of heat for a controversial meme posted by one of its officials.

The meme posted by a Foreign Ministry Spokesperson features an Australian soldier with a knife to the throat of an Afghan child and has drawn the ire of our nation.

However, while China have doubled down and refused to delete the post, they have now received support from the 1 million Uighurs who are in detention or who have been detained recently.

The predominantly Muslim minority in China’s northwestern region who are facing detention in ‘retraining facilities’ and sterilisation (which arguably amounts to attempted genocide), have praised their leader’s stance on human rights.

Reports have emerged from inside the industrial prison in Xinjiang province, that the minority group that has had their human rights abused for decades and their liberty taken away from them are thrilled with China’s progressive stance on human rights.

We understandably weren’t able to speak to anyone to confirm this given the nature of the camps, but it does seem to come as another blow to the government seeking to deflect from the fact that a growing number of psychopaths were able to corrupt the culture of our armed forces and bully young men into doing appalling things.

More to come.


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