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A local law firm has today gone above and beyond to show just how much they appreciate their employees, by placing a few cartons of R U OK cupcakes in the break room and making sure to upload plenty of photos of them to LinkedIn.

Located in the tallest building in the CBD, Hunter Global is considered the most respected commercial law firm in Betoota due to its rolodex of blue chip clients and fiercely competitive recruitment process, which only accepts the top 10% of graduates from Betoota’s sandstone university.

Slogging through a 90 hour work week without overtime pay as they operate on little sleep, young employees at Hunter often find themselves spiralling into bouts of depression as they constantly grapple with the fact that they ‘should’ feel privileged. 

Because anyone would kill for this job and they’ve worked so fucking hard to get there. 

That, coupled with the absolutely toxic work environment that pits employees against each other by encouraging a ‘I work harder and sacrifice more than you’, and it’s just an unspoken acceptance that everyone other than the top level employees feels like they’re just going through the motions.

But luckily today, it appears as though the big bosses may finally be taking notice that they’ve created a hellish environment to work in – by getting in on this RUOK thing!

By having meaningful conversations with their employees and asking what they can do to create a healthier, happier workplace?

Nah, but they did get some pretty sweet fudge cupcakes from the local bakery.

“Just letting everyone know we have some cupcakes in the break room for R U OK day”, writes the HR manager in Slack, “help yourself!”

The employees are alleged to have been spotted skulking into the break room at various points in the day, before quickly returning to their desks and glumly tucking into their cupcakes.

More to come.


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