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Sally Brent-Billings has splurged today on the back of receiving some good news.

The 19-year-old living down south in the bohemian and vibrant nightlife hotspot that is the city of Sydney, did so after being informed that she had been accepted into a Business Degree.

Brent-Billings who attended Betoota’s prestigious Royal Handmaid School For Girls said that she can almost taste the Friday afternoon rosé she’ll be drinking down in Martin Place or Betoota’s Old City District one day.

“This is what I was born to do,” said the young woman to our reporters.

“I mean, obviously I can work under my old man in his hedge fund firm if I wanted to, but the dream is cutting my teeth in London or the Big Apple after I finish uni.”

“Anyway, yeah, I got this overnight duffle bag as a treat to myself for getting into Business.”

“It will serve me well over the years, and let people know what type of an operator I am when I start doing internships and all that.”

Brent-Billings said she bought the bag at a fair price because she just got paid by her casual job that her parents told her she had to get to teach her the value of money while she lives in catered accommodation paid for by her parents.

“Yeah dad made me get a job when I finished at UTS Insearch for the year, so I guess you could say I’ve been paying my own,” Brent-Billings laughed.

“It will be perfect for carting my stuff around between uni classes, CrossFit, work and internships.”

“I might take the bag next week for this Information Night they’ve asked me to speak at, to show everyone that you can get the Country Road bag one day too.”

“I’m so excited to get into it and start lecturing my mates at the pub about fiscal policy.

“I might even join the Young Liberals as well,” she laughed.


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