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Political opponents and commentators are calling on NSW Labor leader Chris Minns to fall on his sword today after the poker machine industry uncovered long lost images of the 43-year-old dressed as a zulu warrior at a university party.

The latest photos see a fresh-faced Chris Minns laughing and enjoying the atmosphere at party, said to be on the grounds of Robb College at the University of New England.

Robb College is said to be one of the most exclusive university colleges in Australia that’s just a famous for it’s social scene as it is for its academic rigour.

Speaking to reporters today in Sydney, Mr Minns said he is ashamed of the photos.

“Those types of parties were common and unfortunately, I did partake in the African-themed bar night organised by Robb,” he said.

“It’s shameful to me because I always knew I’d be going into politics and doing things like this follow you forever. It was a moment of madness and I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to make this right,”

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask the poker machine industry to just take it down a notch. The public know that you’re behind all this stuff, which is why we’ve both taking policy to this election to minimise the harm you do to society in NSW so just give it a rest, please. You’ve done enough.”

The images come after NSW Premier Dom Perrottet admitted to wearing a Nazi armband to his 21st birthday back when he was just another soft-eyed Sydney University bedwetter.

He has since told voters he has confidence of the party and his cabinet because they too have some dreadful skeletons in their closet waiting for the poker machine industry to let everyone know about them.

More to come.


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