When local bloke Ian Haversford bought a Mustang, he expected to earn a lot of attention from the ladies. In fact, that’s partly why he bought it.

This same vein of thought has also led him to work hard at the gym, resulting in an upper body that looked as though Zeus himself carved it.

But unfortunately, Ian has had to learn the hard way that the female gaze works a lot differently from how he thought, and what he thinks is attractive as a male is actually more attractive to other men.

Whereas women are more likely to choose Loki over Thor, fawn over veiny hands and rolled up sleeves, or swoon over Timothy Chalamet, who has the stature of a sickly Victorian child, men are more likely to be admirers of all things masculine – such as big muscles, muscle cars and ability to grow a beard.

So when Ian revved his engine hard as he was able to drive off from the gym, it wasn’t an attractive woman who came over, but another bloke.

“Fucking sick ride bro! How much did that set you back?”

“My dad had a ’75 Torana but sold it for a family car.”

“Regretted that one hahaha.”

More to come.


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