Yesterday’s funeral for Queen Elizabeth II marks one of the biggest television events of the decade, on top of the hundreds of thousands of Brits who crowded the streets of London to witness the Monarch’s final procession

The Royal send-off has seen the biggest-ever gathering of senior dignitaries, with more than 500 kings, queens, prime ministers and presidents travelling to the United Kingdom for the service.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and US President Joe Biden were among those to pay their respects, as well as every member of the Queen’s vast extended family, including the relatives that should probably be in prison.

One divisive royal figure that everyone had to just kinda ignore was obviously the black sheep of the family, Prince Andrew, who was stripped of his official duties and titles by his own mother in January this year.

Standing just behind the new King in relatively plain civilian clothes, the embattled 62-year-old was obviously ashamed that this historic moment had to take place with the backdrop of all those heinous allegations levelled towards him.

With not even the most deranged Monarchists able to look at him in the same light anymore, and several metres on either side of him between his older brother and nephews during the procession, Prince Andrew was well and truly alone out there.

“Shit” he was heard muttering, as the Big Ben continued to bell, and every news camera in the world casually avoided focusing on him.

“Really need my A-Team right now”

“Jimmy and Rolf should really be here with me”

“And Jeffrey”

“Same with all of our friends at the BBC that retired quietly over the last few years”


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