US President Donald Trump has caused quite a stir today, after revealing he has already put forward a nomination for the next Justice of the Supreme Court.

Speaking this morning Australian time, the President announced that he had formally nominated Meat Loaf to fill the void left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The passing of the pioneering judge had previously lead Trump to promise he would appoint a woman, however, those words have been cast aside in favour of Meat Loaf.

While Meat Loaf or Michael Lee Aday as he is formally known, has a well-decorated career in the arts, he has no formal training in the legal fraternity, leading many commentators to label the appointment a thinly veiled political play.

“Meat Loaf, is a great man. A fair man. And a man who will give some balance to the Supreme Court,” explained Trump this morning.

The appointment has drawn outrage from Democrats, who had a 2016 appointment blocked by a Republican Senate, under the premise the next judge should be picked by the next elected President, rather than by Barack Obama.

The Republicans are expected to try and rush through the appointment of the AFL Grand Final hero before the 3 November election, which would give them a 6-3 conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

Meat Loaf is yet to speak but is reportedly going to perform alongside Donald Trump tomorrow our time.

More to come.


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