In news from the Scandinavian country of Sweden, photos of the prison American rapper A$AP Rocky is currently being held in, have been released today.

In a weird twist to what’s becoming a diplomatic row, the photos released by the Swedish Government today reveal that the popular artist is currently being held inside a giant furniture warehouse.

A$AP Rocky, a Grammy-nominated artist whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was charged last month over a fight in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, which has resulted in some jail time.

That jail time has lead to President Donald Trump and many other celebrities calling for the release of the singer, with the Swedish Government refusing to get involved.

However, the housing of the rapper in what appears to be a giant IKEA warehouse, has sent chills down the spine of many people across the country and the globe, in a move that may swing public sentiment even further away from the Swedish Government.

A spokesperson for the Swedes explained that the guards have also been parading down the aisles asking Rocky and other inmates to decide on what couch they think would work best, and whether that bedside table would complement the bed they have at home.

Its believed that while Rocky has been in jail for a few weeks, the stint has felt like years, with the rapper wondering if it will ever end.

President Trump and Rocky’s management are yet to comment on the photo release.


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