Will Miller is a pretty friendly guy, who’s often generous with his time.

But, since moving down to the Central West, he’s had that personality trait tested somewhat.

The young bachelor with a love of all things science moved down to Parkes a couple of years ago to work at the Observatory – a CSIRO facility that’s been at the forefront of astronomical discovery thanks to regular upgrades.

However, despite being a pretty run of the mill STEM job, it’s drawn Miller a fair amount of attention from local women in the area, who often get their wires a little bit crossed.

“Yeah, it happened again laughed night,” laughed the young man to our paper.

“A mate of a mate bailed me up and started asking what her month’s gonna play out like.”

“Because I look at the stars for a job,” he sighed.

“And whether her sister was gonna stop being a bitch anytime soon.”

“I contemplated just going with it again, but it was a fair weekend and I was out of steam.”

Miller explained that while he had a basic understanding of the star signs and some of their traits, he can only muster so much psychic analysis before getting out of his depth.

“So I just explained the difference between Astronomy and Astrology.”

“She did do her best to pretend like she hadn’t completely lost interest, which is nice.”

“But I moved things on pretty quickly.”

“And I look forward to doing it all over again before the week is out,” he laughed.


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