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A young voter with very controversial opinions told The Advocate this morning that she’s looking forward to getting back at our town’s Baby Boomers the only way she can – at the polls.

In particular, their franking credits, which Labor vows to remove once they get into power.

That would leave a number of self-funded retirees in the wider Diamantina Basin out of pocket, putting added stress on Lake Betoota’s stalling motor yacht and sailing boat trade.

But Gracie Stevenson, 19, says she doesn’t care.

“Boo hoo,” she mimed to our reporter.

“You get money, you pay tax. Simple as that. No free lunches, I couldn’t give a brass fuck if you’ve worked your whole life. If I had my way, we’d put people to sleep at 64 when they start becoming a drain on the economy,”

“Next! I’ve got no qualms about being dragged out of bed at midnight on my 64th birthday and switched off permanently with a pneumatic bolt if it’s for the greater good. I’m just sick of their entitlement,”

“I’m looking forward to ruining the financial future of the Boomers in this shithole on the edge of the Simpson Desert just the same as the Boomers destroyed the planet for everyone.”

The Advocate reached out to some local Baby Boomers for comment on Ms Stevenson’s offensive ‘Kill All Boomers’ sign and opinions on them in general and all were ready to throw in their two cents.

Graham Smith of Betoota Grove said young people don’t understand that not all Boomers are rich. Many Boomers are, in fact, hard done by.

“Not all Boomers,” said the 69-year-old.

“Not all Boomers buy yachts and convertibles with their franking credits. Others, like me, use their franking credits to give our children a leg up in the property market with a deposit. Some pay their grand-children’s private school fees. Useful things like protecting their wealth and safeguarding it for their family’s future. I’d rather paint the roof Cobain-style than see my great grandchildren at East Betoota Central High.”

The rest of the opinions were basically verbatim to that of Mr Smith’s so in the interest of saving newspaper inches, ink and the environment, The Advocate’s editors decided to omit them.

More to come.


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