The Chinese Government appears to be holding strong against Australian Prime Minister’s demands for an apology over a doctored photo posted by a Communist Party official.

The photo, blasted as “repugnant” by the Prime Minister, had been altered to depict an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of a child atop the Australian and Afghanistan flags.

Both sides of Australian politics have responded with a blowtorch to the CCP official’s Twitter post that criticised the alleged actions of the Australian SAS.

In fact, the furious backlash has almost overshadowed the fact that some ADF members are actually accused of doing that stuff that featured in the image.

It has also taken the spotlight off Scotty From Marketing’s sterling efforts to butcher trade relations with our biggest trading partner and the most powerful country in our region.

While Morrison may be one of few Australians that love the Die Hard movies so much that he refuses to believe America aren’t in charge of the world anymore, it seems most financial and political experts are of the opinion that China has overtaken the US as the world economic super power during the Trump Presidency.

According to experts in Germany, Canada, and Australia – China has been and continues to be the world’s top economic power.

In South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria and the South Pacific, perceptions are gradually shifting towards China. Especially after the Chinese government and Chinese companies spent billions to build infrastructure on the African continent and Oceania.

However, the Federal Cabinet, made up of second-string conveyance lawyers left over after the post-Turnbull-brain-drain, appears confident in their ability strike fear into the hearts of a nation of 1.4 billion people.

Although it appears the world’s economic superpower is not yet rattled by the shots sent their way from a former marketing and tourism executive from Cronulla, who has spent the last six months publicly accusing them of purposely creating a global pandemic.



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