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A number of vegan protestors arrested today in Melbourne will be forced to watch the Married At First Sight finale this evening as they spend their first night in custody.

Speaking to the media this afternoon in the nation’s most dangerous city, Dale Cassidy from the Victoria Police said ‘they weren’t kidding around’ when they told reporters this morning that protesters would be facing heavy penalties for their actions.

“Most of the people we arrested today are those green-left inner-city elites who don’t understand how things work outside their lime-tree-bower suburbs,”

“Therefore, they’re pretty smart people. University smart. ABC smart, you know what I mean. So we thought it pertinent to make them watch Married At First Sight tonight as they enjoy their first night on remand,”

“All of them had the opportunity to apply for bail this afternoon but for some of them, spending a few days in prison really drives home how serious they are.”

The Advocate reached out to several high-powered barristers hired to defend the vegan protesters for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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