After the NRL made up for the common decency a some of their loudest fans seem to be lacking, various social media users with something petrol powered in their profile pic have claimed sport and politics just don’t mix.

Earlier in the week, the National Rugby League publicly announced their support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament which has prompted many a Norm to withdraw their support for the code, just like they said they would after Macklemore.

Despite the fact that all sports are people representing different regions battling against one another and that every politician since photography was invented have feigned an interest in sport, there are still those who think sports and politics simply don’t mix.

Of those people, 100% of them have never been to Glasgow where they would have seen that local soccer clubs the Celtics and Rangers are literally divided by Catholics and Protestants because that would never be a problem anywhere that England is poking about hey?

Due to dividing the fans by the slightly different Christian themed paedophile sheltering systems they were raised in, the Celts and the Rangers have the most bloodthirsty clashes that make Souths and Rooters look like a nerd fight and, more amazingly, almost make soccer interesting to watch.

While these clashes are often known to get violent in the way Elijah Wood promised, fans of both teams managed to live side by side the rest of the time, drunkenly sharing something called a Munchy Box and treating their football clashes like The Purge they are.

However, the learnings from Europe’s heart attack capital have done little to convince Murray and his dirt bike that the NRL ‘should leave race out of it’, a thing he has been unable to do every time an Indigenous/Islander/Māori/Lebanese players scores a point against his team, or indeed knocks the ball on while playing for his team.

“I’m tired of sport getting political all the time,” stated Murray who must have missed the politics unit at The School of Hard Knocks (Betoota campus).

“No, I’ve never been to Glasgow. That’s where Guinness is from, yeah?”


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